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    Mini Trial Series

    The 42 Fleur De Lis Mini-Trial Series (42FDL) is a collection of 1 day 3 phased events; Dressage, Stadium and Cross Country; called a Mini Horse Trial. Dedicated facility owners have come together to create a series of Mini Horse Trials where everyone can enjoy the sport of eventing! No matter you or your horse’s age or level, with the 42 Fleur De Lis Mini-Trial Series you can experience the sport of eventing in a supportive, safe, fun and relaxed atmosphere.

    In 2022, we added award divisions for Combined Tests and Dressage Tests of Choice! Also, despite nearing cuteness overload, we are including our next generation of eventers in the lead line divisions!!


    At the end of the Mini-Horse Trial Series, the 42 Fleur De Lis hosts a year end awards ceremony to celebrate the participant’s hard work and accomplishments through out the season!

    At the end of every year 42 Fleur De Lis will honor all our members and present awards!


    Make new friends and enjoy the sport of Eventing by joining the 42 Fleur De Lis Mini-Trial Series today!

    Divisions awarded

    The following divisions are awarded based on points accumulated throughout the year for horse and rider combinations:


    Junior Baby Starter Mini Trial
    Senior Baby Starter Mini Trial


    Junior Starter Mini Trial
    Senior Starter Mini Trial


    Junior Beginner Novice Mini Trial
    Senior Beginner Novice Mini Trial


    Junior (DUH) Lead Line


    Baby Starter Combined Test


    Starter Combined Test


    Beginner Novice Combined Test


    Dressage Test of Choice


    note: In the Dressage test of choice division, this includes eventing and dressage tests, as long as the division only includes dressage and no jumping.

  • Scoring

    and other technical stuff

    How we score points.

    We score points by counting only the top six places. Placing in 1st is worth 6 points, 2nd place is 5 points, etc. and 6th place is worth 1 point. If you place below 6th but are not eliminated, you will get 0 points but this can count towards being qualified (see below). There may be temporary ties throughout the show season, but there will be no ties at the end. All potential ties will be broken by taking an average of all final scores in the series.

    Qualifying for awards

    In order to qualify for year-end awards, you must complete at least two shows (eliminations or scratches do not count). Showing on two different days (ex. Saturday and Sunday) at the same facility counts as two different shows. Points are awarded by horse/rider/division combinations. You must compete in at least two shows with the same horse in the same division to be qualified. If you have competed in two shows but have not received any points (ex. getting 7th in one show and 10th in another), you will not be qualified.

    Reading the spreadsheet

    Most of the leaderboard spreadsheet is pretty self-explanatory, although some parts may get a little confusing. The very first column contains any notes about scoring or membership. These are usually represented by symbols (* or ?) and you do not need to worry about this because it means we are actively working on it. You will see "Need payment" or "Need form" or we will contact you directly if we are missing any information from you.

    Numbers below the dates of shows represent points, not placings. Columns are color-coded by show facility. The columns labeled "multiple entries" is only used if the horse/rider/division combination has multiple entries on the same day. These points are still awarded but because of technical issues they need to be in these separate columns. This does not count as another show, but does count for more points.

  • Meet the team

    Out Board of Directors are here to help & make sure you HAVE FUN

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