• Membership


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    Step 1: Fill out a form

    All you have to do is fill out a simple form, online (see below) or on paper, using the electronic version or printing the pdf.


    Click here to get a regular pdf version to print out

  • But first, which membership?

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    Single Membership


    Great if it's just you and your horse.

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    Family Membership


    Great for the whole family to get involved!

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    Non-Compete or Donation


    You still get discounted entries!

  • Membership Form

  • Step 2: Choose payment

    Join us to get points towards year end awards, prizes, and ribbons, plus discounts on entry fees for mini trials!

    ​​Individuals or families must have an active membership prior to entering any 42 Fleur de lis mini trial event to recive the discount on entry fees and the day of competition to receive points toward year end awards.

    Click below to use PayPal

  • Step 3: HAVE FUN!!

    You can find a list of our upcoming and past shows on our "Events" page or by clicking below, or read over the rules and scoring system on the "About and Scoring" page